By de la Pena J.A., Vallejo E., Atakishiyev N. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0821836307

ISBN-13: 9780821836309

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See Chap. 13. Gadolinium is not routinely utilized because of its higher costs compared with the iodine contrast. Patients’ Acceptance and Discomfort to the VHSG Study The patients have accepted this new diagnostic technique due to the fact that it is pretty well tolerated and in the majority of cases, produces a slight or directly no discomfort, in The VHSG is a diagnostic modality which permits the evaluation of the totality of the female gynecologic apparatus in only one study. A correct preparation, respecting the adequate days to perform the study, an adequate acquisition technique utilizing multislice scanners of 64 or more detectors rows and an interpretation by trained physicians in the analysis of these images, make this technique an integrated procedure of extreme value in the study of the infertile woman.

The uterus can adopt different positions considered as normal variants. These are shown in Fig. 5 cm. Its lower part denominated vaginal portion or tenca snout, penetrates in the vagina while the upper portion remains on top and joins the muscular body of the uterus at the level of the internal cervical orifice in the isthmic region. The shape and size of the uterine neck suffers variations according to the age, moment of menstrual cycle and number of pregnancies of the patient. In a nulliparous women, the neck is fusiform and the external os is P.

9 Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) images of submucosal myoma with endocavitary projection (arrows). (a) Axial image that exhibits an elevated lesion which projects from the right lateral wall towards the uterine cavity compatible with submucosal myoma. (b) Coronal MPR image. (c) Sagittal MPR image Ways of Reprocessing and Analyzing the Information a b 37 c Fig. 10 Curved multiplanar reconstruction (cMPR) image of the cervix, uterus and tubes. (a) A sagittal multiplanar reconstruction image shows an anteverted uterus.

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