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The documentary version of An Inconvenient Truth was released in 2006, the same year that the book was published. It became very popular and spread Al’s message around the world. Critics have faulted Al’s stance. They say his claims of the effects of climate change are too extreme and that he ignores contradictory evidence. They charge that he ignores the economic and social problems that will result if societies adopt the steps he suggests. Al responds to these charges at different points of the book.

The second is the level of the world’s oceans, and the third is the amount of snow and ice covering cold regions. Many scientists say that all of these measures show that temperatures have been going up in recent decades. 32 Al at Kyoto In 1996, the environment was again, a hot issue. That year, the IPCC issued its first report on global warming. That report was a warning. 56 degrees Celsius) in the past century, the scientists said, and it may well rise even faster in the future. An international meeting was set for Kyoto, Japan, the following year.

He did make speeches critical of George W. Bush’s administration, not just on the climate change issue, but he did nothing to become more active in political matters. Some people wondered if he would run for president again in 2004. He answered that question two years before the election by flatly stating he would not do so. When Massachusetts Senator John Kerry received the Democratic Party’s nomination for president that year, Al campaigned for him. When another election loomed four years later, some supporters spoke once more about launching a movement to force him to run.

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Al Gore. A Wake-Up Call to Global Warming by Dale Anderson

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Al Gore. A Wake-Up Call to Global Warming - download pdf or read online
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