By Dr. T. Powell (auth.), H. M. Piper, P. G. Spieckermann (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783662110416

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Summary Cultured adult cardiocytes were exposed to anoxia. The initial decrease of high-energy phosphates was accompanied by a moderate release of cytosolic enzymes and morphological changes: the appearance of sarcolemmal 'micro blebs' ( ~ I 11m in diameter) and an increase of subsarcolemmal vesicles. At ATP levels above 2Ilmol/gww, metabolic and morphological alterations were reversible. Probably the sarcolemmal changes are causally related to the loss of macromolecules from reversibly injured cells.

Ratio of lactate to CO 2 produced from exogenous glucose (5 mM) under increasing medium concentrations of L-Iactate (in presence of 10 - 7 M insulin, closed circles), of insulin (open circles) and of dichloroacetate (DCA, triangles). Mean values of 5 independent experiments. 55 '"'" 40 ';;; ~ ~ 30 !?! £: "0 E 20 ::1. 2 10 8u 20 60 80 Palmitate concentration 100 200 (~M) Fig. 2. CO 2 production from palmitate bound 5 : I to albumin (in the presence of 5 mM glucose; x ± SEM , n = 5). 2 fold stimulation of lactate production and stimulates CO 2 formation by 56 ± 5%.

Philipson KD (1982): Ultrastructure and calcium exchange of the sarcolemma. sarcoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria of the myocardium. Pharmac Ther 16: 331 - 376 4. Phillipson KD, Bers DH, Hishinato A Y (1980): The role of phospholipids in the Ca2+ -binding of isolated cardiac sarcolemma. J Mol Cell Cardiol 12: 1159- 1173 5. Bianchi CP (1969): Pharmacology of excitation-contraction coupling in muscle. Fed Proc 28: 1624- 1628 6. Borgers M (1983): The role of the sarcolemma-glycolcalyx complex in myocardial cell function.

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Adult heart muscle cells: Isolation, properties and applications by Dr. T. Powell (auth.), H. M. Piper, P. G. Spieckermann (eds.)

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Adult heart muscle cells: Isolation, properties and by Dr. T. Powell (auth.), H. M. Piper, P. G. Spieckermann PDF
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