By G.A. Somorjai, M.A. van Hove

ISBN-10: 3540095829

ISBN-13: 9783540095828

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3. They exhibit pronounced peaks and valleys which are indicative of constructive and destructive interference of the electron beam scattered from atomic planes parallel to the surface as the eIectron wavelength is varied. Often, Bragg peaks (due to simple interference between electrons backscattered from different atomic planes, as in X-ray diffraction) can be identified. However, in addition to these and also overlapping with these, there are usually extra peaks that are due to multiple scattering of electrons through the surface lattice.

The elastic peak is shown at left. The loss energy for hydrogen is plotted along the horizontal axis. 0 only. [After H. Froitzheim, H. Ibach and S. Lehwald, Phys. Rev. Lett. ] Adsorbed species with chemical bonds which are perpendicular to the surface plane are more readily detectable than chemical bonds that are parallel to the surface. 1 to 1% of a monolayer. Thus, the structure of the different adsorption sites that are filled up successively with increasing coverage of the adsorbate, can all be detected.

A typical diffraction pattern of helium from a LiF O 00) surface is shown in Fig. 6. The first order beams, although broad, are clearly discernible. Diffraction from LiF has also been observed using neon, hydrogen and deuterium. Diffraction of helium from other surfaces -tungsten(112), silver(111) and tungsten carbide and silicon(111) - has also been detected. Another phenomenon, the presence of bound states for the incident helium atom has also been detected during the helium-lithium-fluoride diffraction experiments.

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Adsorbed Monolayers on Solid Surfaces by G.A. Somorjai, M.A. van Hove

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