By Jacquelyn Mitchard

ISBN-10: 0060836938

ISBN-13: 9780060836931

A negative twist of fate has left little Keefer orphaned yet now not undesirable. Devastated through his cherished sister's tragic demise, twenty-four-year-old bachelor Gordon McKenna assumes that he'll be entrusted with elevating his niece, whom he has grown super with regards to over the few invaluable months of Keefer's lifestyles. however the kid's paternal grandparents have varied ideas—and a fierce felony conflict ensues that would try out the capability and obstacles of family members love many times . . . and nobody will emerge from it unscathed or unchanged. Jacquelyn Mitchard, whose strong, emotionally wealthy novels have gained resounding severe acclaim and a large, enthusiastic viewers around the globe, brings us a hovering, heartbreaking, and unforgettable story of affection and the bonds that unite us all.

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A spare but eloquent, bittersweet but inspiring tale of a guy and a
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Can you get up, son? But take all the time you need. ” The big man, his eyes ringed and sad as a hound’s, was pouring sweat. ” “We should go see your folks, then. Ed Dean . . my deputy called your uncle Mike. ” Larsen drew a deep breath. “Gordon, you know I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. Your folks, and Georgia, especially Georgia, meant a great deal to us. I know this is a helluva note. You’ve all had a time of it. And this isn’t going to make things any—” “It’s okay,” Gordon said. ” The sheriff fell silent so long Gordon at first believed the man had not heard him, but when he glanced up, he saw with a sinking heart, the familiar look .

Nora had to call Fidelis Hill and even the Half Moon Motel to find places for everyone to stay once she’d calculated that the farm couldn’t hold them all. In her bustling about, she’d pass Lorraine and Mark at the kitchen table. Mark got up occasionally to walk out onto the porch and stretch his legs, but Lorraine never moved. Even her eyes did not move. Nora would think, well, they’re all right for now, they’re together. Dale Larsen came back for a second time, with his wife, and Nora almost didn’t know him in his civilian clothes, Theory[001-112] 6/5/01 11:58 AM Page 18 18 JACQUELYN MITCHARD a red open-necked golf shirt and beige slacks; it was like being a girl and seeing the intern priest at the pool swimming with the youth group, his whole body white but for the notched little band of tan where his clerical collar stopped.

And so it had proved with his own mind. Gordon decided he would not call his mother. He would give her these few last moments of innocent play with Keefer. Nor would he call his Aunt Nora. She was as brave as a bear, but for all her homespun daffiness Gordon could never quite believe that the same twentieth century that had produced his own parents had also produced Aunt Nora. Nora had told Gordon not long ago she didn’t need to know all the whys and wherefores, that she would ask Georgia about it someday, in heaven.

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