By Aviezer Tucker

ISBN-10: 1444337882

ISBN-13: 9781444337884

The fifty entries during this Companion conceal the most concerns within the philosophies of historiography and background, together with typical background and the practices of historians.
• Written by way of a global and multi-disciplinary crew of experts
• A state-of-the-art up-to-date photograph of present study within the field
• a part of the well known Blackwell Companions sequence

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It would also be disastrous to admit that he denounced men whom he knew to be innocent. Yet how could he know who was guilty if he had not been guilty himself? At 61–3 he gives the answer: For these reasons [the argument that the moral balance favoured denouncing a few men to secure the lives of more] I told the boule that I knew who was guilty, and I revealed the facts. I told them that Euphiletus had proposed the scheme [of mutilating the Herms] during one of our drinking-sessions, but I opposed it, and that I was the one who prevented it from happening on that occasion.

Finally, we should note the elements in Andocides’ case which are most rhetorically indispensable, and be particularly alert to their evidential support. He faces a dilemma. It would be disastrous to admit impiety: true, some jurors might accept the argument that even the confessedly sacrilegious were covered by the amnesty of 403, and Andocides therefore argues that point strongly (71–89) — but he cannot rely on that alone. It would also be disastrous to admit that he denounced men whom he knew to be innocent.

18 But in fact Thucydides is not necessarily putting this Spartan episode so late. The narrative has by now cleared up the Herms affair; as Thucydides stresses, it was the mysteries charge of which Alcibiades was accused. Thucydides now explains all the points which have stacked up against him. One is the hostility of his enemies; but we also need to know what made the demos so convinced that the affair of the mysteries, like that of the Herms, embodied some dreadful conspiracy. 4: above, p. 21).

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A Companion to the Philosophy of History and Historiography by Aviezer Tucker

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