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Potential consumer exposure could have occurred through ingestion of analgesic mixtures containing phenacetin as pharmaceuticals. 13, 1977). Potential occupational exposure could have occurred through inhalation and dermal contact for workers involved in manufacturing, formulating, packaging, or administering the pharmaceuticals. REGULATIONS Analgesic mixtures containing phenacetin are not regulated by EPA because they are used as pharmaceuticals and in low quantities relative to other chemicals.

These results were replicated in a number of countries and different industries. In the epidemiological studies of people exposed primarily to benzene, statistically significant excesses of leukemia were observed. 7, 1987; NTP 289, 1986). When administered by gavage, benzene increased the incidences of Zymbal gland carcinomas and oral cavity papillomas and carcinomas in rats of both sexes, as well as skin carcinomas in male rats. When administered by gavage, benzene increased the incidences of Zymbal gland carcinomas, malignant lymphomas, and alveolar/bronchiolar adenomas and carcinomas in mice of both sexes; harderian gland adenomas and carcinomas of the preputial gland in male mice; and ovarian granulosa cell tumors and benign mixed tumors and mammary gland carcinomas and carcinosarcomas in female mice (NTP 289, 1986).

A direct relationship was observed between environmental tobacco smoke exposure and both the median and mean 4-aminobiphenyl-Hb adduct levels in nonsmokers. In addition, the results showed a statistically significant relationship between the weekly average exposure to environmental tobacco smoke during the third trimester of pregnancy and the levels of 4-aminobiphenyl-Hb adducts found at the time of delivery. Through chromatographic techniques, significantly elevated levels of 4-aminobiphenyl-Hb adducts have been detected in maternal smokers and the corresponding fetal blood samples compared to nonsmokers, with a strong correlation between maternal and fetal exposures to 4-aminobiphenyl (Pinorini-Godly and Myers, 1996).

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