By Dress A.W.M., Koolen J.

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These mass protests were largely aimed at highlighting the negative aspects of the current global order and to bring to wider public attention the exploitative, unequal and coercive logic of globalization. As well as protests the movement coheres around a number of large events. The most prominent of these being the World Social Forum (WSF), which began in January 2001 in Porto Alegre, Brazil as a deliberate counter-summit to the elite World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. The WSF has grown into a very large event and now attracts well over 100,000 people to discuss different aspects of globalization and its alternatives.

The discourse of international civil society tends to highlight the light side of this state of affairs, while ignoring its dark side. See also: citizenship, internationalization, liberal democracy, social capital Further reading: Cohen and Arato 1992; Iriye 2004 FO CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS The term “civilizational paradigm” was first used by Lewis (1990) in the field of international relations to account for and predict relationships between nations. It was brought into broader usage by the historian Huntington (1993).

As free trade within open markets continues to spread to all the corners of the world, the establishment of institutions that can define property rights that reflect societal values will continue to be paramount to the success of global capitalism. See also: Bretton Woods institutions, common agricultural policy (CAP), free trade, global capitalism, Marx/Marxism Further reading: De Soto 2000; Norberg 2003; Sachs 2005 MG CENTRISM From the early to mid-twentieth Century “centrism” has meant taking the middle road, the path between extremes.

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4n-10 by Dress A.W.M., Koolen J.

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