By Allington-Smith J.

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5” diameter during the August and October 2004 runs, and its brightness (V 6) provided a case for high-Strehl performances by MACAO. 4 μm region of the spectrum (Fig. 5). We used the J and H+K grisms of SINFONI to spectroscopically map, at several rotational phases, the surface of Vesta. At these wavelengths, its reflectance spectrum is modulated by the absorption bands of pyroxene, feldspar and olivine. The detailed analysis and spectroscopic modelling of the SINFONI’s data is still underway, but by quantifying the spatial distribution of eucrites, and diogenites at an unequalled spatial resolution, and measuring the abundance of olivine-rich regions excavated from the below the crust, we expect to better understand how, and how much, Vesta’s interior melted soon after its formation within the proto-planetary nebula.

The similarity between its disk integrated spectrum and the spectrum of the HED meteorites (Howardites, Eucrites, Diogenites) collected on Earth support the idea that Vesta could be their parent body. Eucrites and diogenites have formed from magmas produced inside the asteroid and migrated toward the surface. Studying their distribution and characteristics, including the material between them, the howardites, will help understand the igneous processes that occurred at an early stage of formation of what can be considered as the smallest terrestrial planet in the solar system.

Fig. 6”). 21 μm feature is clearly visible with similar strength in both spectra. This result supports a uniform distribution at the surface of the satellite and weakens the scenario of an exogenic production of ammonia from implantation of N+ ions on its surface. A reservoir of ammonia, relic of the early age of the solar system, and buried under the icy crust, could still be present on Charon. Solar System Objects with the NACO Fabry-Perot and SINFONI 71 Additionally, Pluto’s disk being resolved in our image-cube, we will attempt to measure a possible hemispheric variation of ices such as CO, N2 , and CH4 on Pluto.

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