By Cao Z., Tang S., Cheng G.

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R2_e_ _ . fR (79) By defining the respective projections /1 and /10 of the vectors Si and se on the z axis, we obtain finally (SO) This expression calls for a number of remarks. We first notice that it does not contain any dependence on the direction namely on the incident and emerging vectors Si and se. e. does not have any angular structure. Second, if we compare this expression to its counterpart for the conductivity, we see that although both of them describe transport, the conductivity vanishes for the diffuson while it does not for the albedo.

2. - rl 5(R - vt) 47rR2 (25) ' and v being the group velocity. This probability is indeed DRUDE-BOLTZMANN APPROXIMATION In the presence of disorder, we need, in order to calculate the probability, to evaluate the average of the product of the two Green functions that appear in (22). The simplest approximation is to replace the average by the product of the two averaged Green functions. Here again, since we have calculated in the weak disorder limit (21) the expression of G, we obtain Po(r,r',w) = eiwR/v~R/le (26) 47rR 2 v so that / po(r,r',w)dr' = 1 - T~ZWTe .

A better understanding of the fundamental physics of wave in random media should stimulate new ideas, new experimental schemes leading to new breakthrough in this delicate problem of using light to image highly scattering media. 26 PART I INTRODUCTION References [1] D. Huang, E. A. Swanson, C. P. Lin, J. S. Schuman, W. G. Stinson, M. R. Hee, T. Plotte, K. Gregory, C. A. Puliafito and J. G. Fujimoto, Science, 254, 117 (1991). [2] M. R. Hee, J. A. Izatt, J. M. Jacobson, J. G. Fujimoto and E. Swanson, Opt.

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3D analysis of functionally graded material plates with complex shapes and various holes by Cao Z., Tang S., Cheng G.

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